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28 Jun 2022

PermanentJob Position for Account Executive/Project Manager Wanted

Dynamic Outsourced Solutions Pty. Ltd – Posted by JobPost24 Western Cape, South Africa

Job Description

Job Position for Account Executive/Project Manager Wanted

Location: Western Cape
Job Type: Permanent
Company/Employer: Dynamic Outsourced Solutions Pty. Ltd
Job Title: Job Position for Account Executive/Project Manager Wanted

Vacancy Details

The Account Executive serves as the primary business contact for the client and is responsible for client satisfaction.  Also responsible for concluding deals, managing the project team and client expectations, payment of the account and handover of a completed site to the client within agreed timelines and as per the agreed scope of work

1:  Manage Client Relationship

  • Responsible for all client communication, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables and revenue.
  • Review all major deliverables (i.e. strategic brief, function spec, tech spec, etc.) to ensure quality standards and client expectations are met.
  • Ensure that client issues are dealt with in an efficient manner, informing the Head of Operations and the Operations Director of any problems that may arise.Provide regular two-way communication between the client and team, to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations.
  • 2: Cost and Produce Preliminary Budget
    • Conduct site survey and building evaluation
    • Calculate and prepare preliminary budget of costs
    • Present to client and close deal

3:  3. Calculate and produce final costing

  • Obtain building layouts in CAD format where available from Landlord / Property Broker
  • Take client brief with designer
  • Oversee space planning
  • Meet with Client and designer to present blocks and obtain approval
  • Advise designer and direct décor
  • Finalise pricing for client with contractors and suppliers
  • Meet with external professional team, Landlord and Developers where necessary
  • Prepare final budget for presentation including overseeing design and space planning
  • Present and close deal
  • Obtain signed layouts and signed furniture details from client
  • Write budget through (sales orders)
  • Ensure Accounts department has invoiced

4: 4. Ensure purchase orders are placed for projects

  • Allocate resources (contractors / suppliers)
  • Confirm calculations and provide buyer with details and quotes to place orders
  • Oversee the budget and expenses
  • Manage variations on costs
  • Follow up on all furniture orders

5:  5. Manage internal project team

  • Manage Project Manager / Site co-ordinator / Professional team / Designer / Buyer
  • Set up and chair weekly internal project and prepare all minute
  • Set up and chair weekly client meetings and prepare all minutes
  • Attend weekly site meetings
  • Ensure client website is set up, kept up to date with weekly site photo’s and the website information is communicated to the client
  • Communicate all logistics and timing programs for Project Manager
  • Ensure Project Managers have the correct information including latest drawing revisions
  • Ensure quality control on site
  • Visit the factory weekly and ensure quality control on new furniture


  • Ensure any changes to construction and furniture are communicated to the team timeously

6: 6. Manage clients account

  • Ensure the Accounts department have the original signed terms and conditions as well as the budget
  • Communicate with accounts department regarding client account status
  • Assist with debt collection by meeting with the client to settle accounts and resolve queries
  • Complete and obtain approval on credit notes when necessary
  • 7: 7.Supervise completion of site
    • Ensure the site is complete on time
    • Supervise completion of construction and furniture snags and ensure they are signed off by client
    • Supervise installation of furniture
    • Supervise move activities
    • Compile handover file which includes a full set of layouts, all guarantee paperwork, approved fire plans, beneficial occupation letter, electrical COC
    • Organise handover function including handover of keys
    • Obtain “thank you” letter from clients
  • Candidate Requirements
  • Inter Personal Competencies
  • Definition
  • Judgment / decision Making
  • Able to make sound decisions based on information gathered and analysed. Consider all pertinent facts and alternatives before deciding on the most appropriate action.
  • Teamwor
  • Able to interact with people effectively. Able and willing to share and receive information. Cooperate within the group and across groups. Support group decisions.
  • Quality Orientation
  • Maintain high standards, attention to detail, accuracy and completeness. Show concern for all aspects of the job.
  • Work Ethics
  • Energy and enthusiasm in approaching the job. Commitment to putting in additional effort.
  • Reliability
  • Take personal responsibility for job performance. Complete work in a timely and consistent manner. Keep commitments.
  • Problem analyzing / solving
  • Gather and organize all relevant information. Identify cause-effect relationships. Come up with appropriate solutions.
  • Adaptability
  • Adapts to changing work environment, work priorities, organizational needs. Able to deal with change and diverse people.
  • Planning / Organising
  • Plan and organize tasks and work responsibilities to achieve objectives. Set priorities. Schedule activities. Allocate and use resources properly.
  • Communication
  • Express ideas effectively. Organize and deliver information appropriately. Listen actively.
  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Share complete and accurate information. Maintain confidentiality. Adhere to organizational policies and procedures. Meet own commitments.
  • Initiative
  • Take action to influence events. Generate ideas for improvement, take advantage of opportunities, suggest innovations, do more than required.
  • Stress tolerance
  • Emotionally resilient and able to withstand pressure on an on-going basis. Deal with difficult situations while maintaining performance. Seek support from others when necessary. Use appropriate coping techniques.
  • Knowledge Competencies
  • Definition
  • Business Knowledge
  • Understands the broader business environment in which they work from an industry, organisation, department and role perspective.
  • Risk Management
  • Identifies and manages risk within their area/s of influence
  • Project Management
  • Develops and monitors work plans for themselves and others to ensure that work is completed in a controlled and efficient manner.
  • Financial Management
  • Plans and manages the Company’s financial resources in line with sound financial principles and regulations.


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